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The CapsWiz(TM) Homepage

You don't need to worry about forgetting to turn off the CapsLock, let CapsWiz do it for you! It also can fix the case of text you already mis-typed -- no more re-typing just because you weren't paying attention!





This page is not likely to be updated on a regular basis.  For up-to-date information on CapsWiz, go to the new BarhamSoftware website.


What is CapsWiz?

CapsWiz was created to make dealing with the CapsLock and NumLock keys easier.   CapsWiz can be configured to automatically turn on or off the Caps/Num Lock key depending on which program or window has just been switched to.  For example, it could turn off Caps Lock when you switch to your word processor, and turn on CapsLock when you switch over to a database entry screen.

Since CapsWiz keeps track of the open window names (not just the application names), you could even configure unique Caps/Num Lock settings for different option windows in the same application.

Additionally, CapsWiz has the ability to 'correct' the case of text you've typed in another program. Pressing the appropriate "hot-key" can convert highlighted text to upper or lower case, and can even reverse the case.
    (e.g. convert "tHIS sENTENCE" --> "This Sentence")

Screen Shot of CapsWiz 1.1

     CapsWiz_Screen.gif (7930 bytes)


What Makes CapsWiz Unique?

True, there are a handful of other shareware programs out there that either let you correct mis-typed text, or that automatically turn off the Caps Lock key, but none that I've found do both.

And most importantly, I'm not aware of any other program that duplicates the main feature of CapsWiz -- selectively turning on or off the CapsLock or NumLock key depending on the active program.  And the new "Disable Key" feature allows you to "enforce" the Caps/Num Lock state for any given program.

Some of the awards given to CapsWiz:

CapsWiz received 4 Stars from ZDNet ! 5-Stars from


Future Ideas for CapsWiz

CapsWiz is currently at version 1.1.  And although CapsWiz is decidedly a niche program with a limited scope, I am open to the idea of improvements / feature-additions. 

If you have any ideas on how to improve CapsWiz, please let me know.


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In these litigious times, I feel compelled to make the following disclaimer regarding my software: 

All of my software is offered on an as-is basis.  I (Ted Barham) assume no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of any of my software.  I've tested all of the software and feel reasonably certain that there are no huge bugs and such, but I do not warrantee any of the software as bug-free.  Use it at your own risk.  By all means let me know if you find any bugs -- I'll do my best to fix them as I can.