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Solid Edge freeware and shareware




What is Solid Edge?

Solid Edge  is a 3-D CAD software package for mechanical design.  It's owned by Unigraphics Solutions Inc.  Besides being a really great design package, Solid Edge allows a fair amount of customization using Visual Basic.  That's where this web page comes in.   

I've written a few Visual Basic "macros" that I am offering here as freeware and shareware.  As time permits, I hope to expand the list of Solid Edge macros.   

New -- Usage hints!

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Check out the new Solid Edge Webpage here!
The new site is dedicated to my shareware and freeware products.  After the transition, this site will eventually be reserved for my personal webpages -- a place for all of my "non-professional" stuff... 

Don't have Solid Edge?

...then don't waste your time downloading the programs on this page.  I only mention this to prevent frustration, since these programs won't do anything without Solid Edge...


PropSheet-lite - this little program is a modified version of the "Part Prop" demo provided by Solid Edge.  I've simply fixed a bug that existed in the original, and made the user interface a bit more user-friendly.  This download has a complete setup package.

TitleBlock - this simple macro takes file properties and uses them to fill out your custom Title-Block.  The only thing you have to do is enter the properties you want (preceded by a '%' symbol) in the title-block of your draft template file.  The macro searches all text on the page for words beginning in the '%' symbol.  If a recognizable file property follows, the macro replaces the text with the indicated property (e.g. - '%Material' might be replaced by 'Stainless Steel').  Any text field has been branded as a particular property will be "remembered".  This simply means that you can update an existing title block simply by re-running the macro.

UPDATE: With version 9 of Solid Edge, this titleblock macro is outdated.  Rather than post a working version of this program, I'm providing the source code instead.  It's a simple program, but if you're new to customizing Solid Edge through Visual Basic automation, it might serve as a useful example.


PropSheet v1.0    [Screenshot]

If you like PropSheet-lite, then check out this program.  Redesigned to be faster, PropSheet also adds several very handy features and a much-improved user-interface.  Now it's possible to add/edit custom file properties as well as part density.  No longer will you be forced to search through several dozen files for that one part keeping the assembly mass from calculating properly!  It's easy to show only the property columns you want, and in whatever order you desire.  This shareware version will run for 30 days -- after the demo period you must register the program if you wish to continue using it. 

The download file was created using the Microsoft® Windows® Visual Studio Installer (the file has an extension of .MSI).  If the installer does not automatically start when you attempt to run the PropSheet.MSI file, you will need to download this (larger) file -- it includes the Microsoft® Windows® Installer files (if you are using Windows2000 or ME, they already are on your computer, however).  Additionally, the installer also requires that you have the Microsoft Data Access Components (mdac_typ.exe) on your computer.  You can get that here.

PropSheet Hints:

- Double-click the row-titles to grey-out individual rows of the spreadsheet.  Do this to avoid re-saving properties for parts that haven't changed and to speed-up the save process -- greyed-out items will not be saved.

- Use copy and paste to duplicate duplicate individual cells or even blocks of cells.

- Want to print out a nice table of properties?  Copy and paste the entire table into MS Excel or whatever spreadsheet you have.

- Under the Tools/Configure menu heading, you will find everything you need to add/remove/rearrange property columns in the spreadsheet.  Right-click on the property names to rename them. 


"Solid Edge" is a trademark of Unigraphics.


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