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Units Conversion Software and calculator


Univerter combines advanced units conversion and calculation abilities into an easy-to use tool for engineers, scientists, or anyone who needs to perform calculations that contain values with differing units.  Univerter allows you to type equations as you would write them.

Univerter treats the units combinations that you enter as equations that it then internally converts to base units (mass, length, time, etc.).  It also recognizes all of the standard multiplier prefixes such as m(milli), c(centi), k(kilo), M(mega), etc.   In this way, Univerter can understand units combinations that were never explicitly defined.  So while other programs may be capable of hundreds of thousands of conversions using their huge databases of predefined conversion factors, Univerter's capabilities are virtually unlimited with a much smaller database that you can customize.  [find out more...]

Some awards given to Univerter:

ZD Net 5-Start Rating!    Rated 5 star at Super Shareware !!!    4 COWS from Tucows


Caps Lock Control Software


CapsWiz is a utility that takes care of turning on and off your CapsLock and NumLock keys.   After telling it what key states (always ON, always OFF, or remember-last) to use for your desired programs/windows, it runs in the background and automatically toggles the Caps/Num Lock state as you switch between programs.  Obviously this is the kind of program that you only need if you immediately recognized its potential.  Users of certain database programs and terminal emulators that are caps-sensitive will know what I mean.  At my office the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is the offending program.  CapsWiz might also be good for those people who turn on the caps lock ... AND THEN FORGET TO TURN IT OFF AND PROCEED TO "SHOUT" EVERYTHING IN EMAIL, MEMOS, AND EVEN REPORTS! (a pet peeve of mine).

CapsWiz also has a feature that allows you to correct the case of text you may have mis-typed in another application.  Simply high-light the offending text, press the hot-key, and ... voila, the problem is fixed.  There are three hot-keys: one to reverse case, one to convert to lower case, and one to convert to all caps.

There's a little more information about CapsWiz here, or just download a copy and try it today!

CapsWiz was rated 5 stars at Super Shareware !!!  CapsWiz received 4 Stars from ZDNet !


Solid Edge freeware and shareware

I have created a few add-on programs (aka "macros") for the Solid Edge CAD software.  If you use Solid Edge, you should definitely check them out.


New Software webpages!

New -- Usage hints!

No pop-up ads, quicker load times, new design... 
The new site is dedicated to my shareware and freeware products.  After the transition, this site will eventually be reserved for my personal webpages -- a place for all of my "non-professional" stuff... 


Visual Basic Programming Consulting

Although I am gainfully employed by day as an engineer, I occasionally take on small programming jobs (aka moonlighting!).  If you have a relatively small programming project and don't mind corresponding by email, let me know.


A Little About Me

Despite having graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering (from Virginia Tech '91), I have always maintained a strong interest in computers and electronics.  While programming hasn't necessarily been my primary function in my last two jobs, it has been one of the more enjoyable parts.   My "experience" with computers first started with the Commodore 64 back in the early 80's.  Back then it was easy to be a true computer expert; it was still possible to know every part and function on the computer.  After learning Commodore BASIC, I moved on to 6510 assembly language (how else do you get a 1-megahertz machine to run "fast"?).  Since then, I've used an assortment of variations on BASIC, C++, and some industrial control oriented languages - IEC 1131 ladder and statement-list among them.

Another of my long-standing interests has been home automation.   While I've played around with X-10 equipment for a long time, its lack of robustness has kept me from building as complicated a system as I would like.  My wife has proven to be fairly understanding, but she occasionally looses patience when the lights come on by themselves in the middle of the night ;-)  Follow this link to find out a little more about what can be done with home automation. (I hope to add links as time permits.)


- Ted Barham