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More about Univerter


The Units List window:

Units List Window

Wherever possible, internationally-recognized standard abbreviations were used for units.  If you are unsure of the proper abbreviation for a unit however, you can find it quickly by opening the Units List window.  This window - which can be "docked" to the main Univerter window - allows you to very quickly search the available units.  By clicking on one of the column headings, or by selecting a specific units group, you can sort the list in a number of ways to allow fast finding of your unit (e.g. - sort by units Group).   Select and move the unit to the main window either by double-clicking or dragging and dropping.


The Add/Edit Unit window:

Add/Edit Unit Window

Here you can add your own units/constants or modify existing units/constants.  Univerter uses the international standard abbreviations for units where available, but you don't need to if you don't want to.  Either change the abbreviation, or define synonyms as you desire.  Synonyms allow a unit/constant to have alternate spellings or abbreviations. 

Since Univerter treats all "Units" as equations, you can easily define constants (as shown here).


The Add/Edit Groups window:

Add/Edit Groups Window

Groups allow you to classify units combinations.  For example, (in^2) would be classified as area. Univerter will list units by group in the Units List window for easier searching.  It will also tell you what group a particular combination of units belongs to when possible.  It does this by breaking-down your units-equation to base units.  So if you type (kg*ft/s^2) in one of the windows in the main Univerter window, a help window would indicate that this is [Force -- (g^1)(m^1)(s^-2)].   Univerter ships with over 70 units groups already defined, but you can add more.


Create New Base Unit window:

Add Base Window

In the unlikely event that the existing base units (mass, length, time, etc.) don't satisfy your needs, you can create your own.  Existing base units cannot be edited.


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