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(4/29/2002) - At last!!! 

After having been locked-out of my Tripod website for months, everything now seems(?) to mysteriously be working again.  For those that have missed it, I now have a "professional" website for my shareware & freeware (  Any software updates will be put there rather than at this website.   


(12/23/2001) - Bad links... 

Unfortunately I hadn't noticed that the ASME ftp site has been dismantled!  Between that and the reorganization of ZDNet/CNet, many of my download links were dead.  The downloads page is now up-to-date -- at least as of today!   


(11/8/2001) - Too darn busy! 

Due to a really large programming project at work, I have had almost no time to put toward my spare-time programming pursuits.  Luckily, since this project is being done in VB, I'm getting good  experience as well as ideas that should carry over into my own projects.  Hopefully the beginning of the year will have me working on new versions of Univerter, CapsWiz, and PropSheet.  The CapsWiz update will be minimal (better user interface), PropSheet will get database linking capabilities, and Univerter is up for a total re-write.   


(8/13/2001) - Comments? 

I now have a guestbook set up so that you can leave any comments you may have.  Check it out! 


(6/24/2001) - New webpages 

No pop-up ads, quicker load times, new design... 
The new site is dedicated to my shareware and freeware products.  After the transition, this site will eventually be reserved for my personal webpages -- a place for all of my "non-professional" stuff... 


(4/22/2001) - SolidEdge shareware update 

The release version of PropSheet is now available.  I've also added the source code for a simple titleblock macro. 


(4/4/2001) - SolidEdge shareware update 

The final beta of PropSheet has been released. 


(3/5/2001) - SolidEdge shareware update 

An updated version of the Property Spreadsheet program has been posted -- this will extend the 30-day trial while the program is still in beta.  Also, some usage hints were added. 


(9/6/2000) - Visual Basic Runtime file 

A couple of weeks ago I found out that my web-links to the VB runtime files (necessary for all of my software) were bad.  It turns out that Microsoft reorganized their websites recently and changed the download location!  I have updated the links on my website to point to the new location, but I have no quick and easy way to update the Readme.txt files that people may have downloaded  as part of CapsWiz or Univerter.  In any case, check out the downloads area for links to places where you can download the VB runtimes.  I've included alternate links in case Microsoft decides to shift things around again!.


(5/18/2000) - Univerter 3.1 

Univerter 3.1 is finished.  Along with several relatively small usability improvements (thanks to user feedback) are several bug fixes and several new conversion factors.  Go to the downloads section to get it. 


(4/22/2000) - Univerter 3.1 Beta and SolidEdge

I'm nearing the finishing stage of Univerter 3.1.  Most of the changes are relatively minor, hence the ".1" in the version number.  I've fixed a few bugs, streamlined the interface, and added a few additional units.  If you want a copy of the beta version, let me know.  As with all of my shareware, upgrades are totally free for registered users. 

On a different note, I've done a little programming for automation of SolidEdge.  SolidEdge is a truly wonderful CAD package that we've started using recently where I work.  I have a few SE programs that I am releasing as "freeware" and will post on this site.  As time permits, I hope to build on some of these programs and create new utilities as well.   The more sophisticated programs will be released as shareware.  And for those of you who don't have a copy of SolidEdge -- don't even bother downloading these programs since they do require SolidEdge to be installed on your PC.


(2/1/2000) - Release of UniverterLite 3.0

If you don't need all the power of the full program, you can get UniverterLite for FREE.  So if you are a student, occasional user, or just don't feel like parting with $10, download UniverterLite.  It may be a "light" version, but It's still better than most other unit conversion software out there.  Go to the Download page to find download links.


(12/19/99) - Release of Univerter 3.0

It's now available.   Go to the downloads page to get a copy.


(12/4/99) - Beta of Univerter 3.0

If you are interested in testing the new Univerter beta, let me know.  I've been using the beta myself for a few days now without any problems, but I'd still like some feedback from other people.   Nearly all of the features mentioned below are included.


(11/8/99) - New version of Univerter in the works

I'm presently working on what will become Univerter 3.0 (hopefully in a month or two). The new program is being almost entirely re-written to do some things I've thought about for a long time. The features I expect to add are:

bulletA single input box that allows mixing units/numbers into a single input equation
Multipass abbreviation checking. What this means is that non case-sensitive matching will be allowed when an exact case-sensitive match does not exist. ( e.g. MILLIMETER would be recognized even though it should not technically be written that way).
bullet"Units List" window will break down existing units by category if desired (similar to the way "Windows Explorer" works).
bulletProper support for user-defined constants. In this I mean that you will easily be able to add and use constants within the input and output equations. (e.g. Use "WaterDensity" or "ModulusElasticity_Steel" in equations).
bulletA calculator-like equation editor with user-definable variables will allow you to perform "what-if" scenarios quickly with a minimum of re-typing. The user variables will also allow thing like defining "per" as "/", so that "miles per hour" would be recognized by Univerter (although this particular example may end up being built in).
bulletImproved error-handling will explain why your conversion was not made (e.g. You tried to convert 'mass' into 'energy').
bulletThere will be an option to perform calculations using 'significant digits'. The current version of Univerter simply ensures that the output number has the same number of sig. digits as the input number - it doesn't work with equations. I believe the usage of 'significant digits' is an important concept that is over-looked in many cases -- especially when calculators and spreadsheets spit out results to 10 decimal places or more.


(8/31/99) - CapsWiz 1.1 Update

Version 1.1 fixes a couple of minor bugs and improves the "hot-key" operation.


(8/21/99) - New email address

In order to (hopefully) avoid email problems when/if I change ISPs, I now have a new "permanent" email address:   My other address will continue to function for some time however.


(7/31/99) - CapsWiz 1.0 released

The final version of CapsWiz is now available.  See the downloads page


(6/26/99) - CapsWiz 0.90 released

This beta version of CapsWiz is now available on the downloads page


(4/5/99) - Univerter 2.0 released

The final version of Univerter 2.0 is now available on the downloads page.  In addition to being able to register by mail, you can now pay by credit card!  Check out the registration page.


(3/11/99) - "Release Candidate" made Accessible

After weeks of "tweaking" and forcing friends to be beta testers, I think I've finally gotten the program where I want it.  Sure I could wait to add more features, but that's what "upgrades" are for!  ;-)

Barring any unforeseen bugs, this version will officially replace Univerter 1.0 in the next week or so.
Get it on the downloads page.


(2/28/99) - Univerter 2.0 Beta

I am getting close to releasing Univerter 2.0.  The newest version will feature many improvements:

bullet"Synonyms" will allow a single unit to be expressed in different ways.   For example, all of the following will automatically be recognized as equivalent: [ft/s], [feet/second], [foot/second].
bulletThe Univerter window can be set to remain the top-most window so you never lose sight of it.
bulletThe window can be shrunk almost to icon size to be readily available.
bulletUniverter can be totally hidden from view.  An icon in the Windows tool tray will give you instant access without taking up valuable desktop space on smaller monitors.
bulletThe existing Nag screens have been removed.  The new version only has a "nag screen" when the program is shut down.
bulletThe input box now evaluates algebraic equations!
bulletThe "Significant Digits" option works as it should in all cases.

If you are interested in being a guinea-pig, let me know and I'll give you a copy of the beta.



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