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PropSheet Shareware Registration

Registering Single Copies
Registration of five or fewer copies of PropSheet is $65 (US) per copy. 

Volume Discounts 
If you wish to register more than five copies of PropSheet, the following discounts apply:

Num Price per copy ($US)
6-10    $55
11-22  $51
20+     SiteLicense

Site License
If you wish to register 20 or more copies, you can purchase a site license. For $1000 (US), you can use PropSheet on as many computers as you like -- as long as the computers are all on the same physical network.

Payment Options
On-line registration via credit-card is available through Register-Now.
RegNowIcon.gif (7069 bytes)

Upon receipt of your payment, you will be provided with a user-name and password to remove the demo period limitation.

For purchases greater than $200, we can accept your company's purchase order. This billing is handled by the people at Register-Now on standard net-30 terms. For more details on this billing option, contact us at

Upon receipt of your payment, you will be emailed an unlocking password.

New -- Usage hints! Limited time special! New -- Usage hints!

Register PropSheet and I'll throw in a free copy of Univerter, my engineering calculation program !  Use Univerter for all your engineering calculations without having to worry about units conversions.  Check out the Univerter page for some useful examples.